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Vassula Rydén nee Vassiliki Claudia Pendakis was born on January 18, 1942 into a Greek family in Heliopolis, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. She emigrated to Europe with her family at the age of 15. Vassula is a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.

In November 1966, Vassula married a Lutheran man in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland, at a Greek Orthodox Church. In November 1980, she was divorced in Sweden. In June 1981, she married her current husband, Per Rydén, a Swedish Lutheran, at the registry office. On October 31, 1990, she regularized her union in the Greek Orthodox Church in Lausanne.

Vassula could never have imagined that God would unexpectedly reveal Himself to her in 1985, while she was living with her family in the capital city of Dhaka in Bangladesh. God called her and charged her with the mission of delivering His Message, which He named True Life in God (TLIG).

When Vassula’s experience of this revelation began she was totally preoccupied with worldly things and led a rather privileged life. Her husband’s work as an international development expert meant that she had to live most of her life in Third World countries. The mother of two sons was an accomplished woman in the highest spheres of society—an inspired painter, tennis champion and hobby fashion model. Religion was not a part of Vassula’s life. She had never received any catechetical instruction or theological formation. She did not own a Bible. She had nothing against God, she just never thought of Him.

Since 1988, Vassula has given over 1,000 presentations on the True Life in God messages in more than 76 countries. In all of this work, Vassula receives no personal royalties, fees or benefit for her efforts.

Supernatural Phenomena

sample of TLiG writingsVassula’s life changed in 1985 during the first initiation that was undertaken by her Guardian Angel Daniel. While preparing a shopping list, Vassula experienced a light electrical feeling in her right hand. At the same time, an invisible presence guided her to write the words: “I am your Guardian Angel and my name is Daniel” in handwriting quite distinct from her own.

Vassula receives these prophetic messages through locutions and interior visions, where she hears God’s voice interiorly and then writes His Words down. Or, she receives the Words of God through a light of understanding in her intellect without hearing any speech.

She was put through a purification, where she saw her sins the way that God saw them and how they had offended Him. It was a very painful interior experience and she cried for three weeks. The most severe reproaches concerned the rejection of God’s gifts.

It was only after this purification and a serious repentance and spiritual growth that the Father approached her. Vassula receives messages from the Holy Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—our Blessed Mother, St. Michael the Archangel and various saints.


Scientific and Theological Analysis

The phenomenon of the dictation and distinctive handwriting, through which Vassula receives the messages, has been investigated and analyzed by a range of professionals—graphologists, scientists, exorcist priests and theologians—including: graphologist Mr. J.A. Munier (Court of Appeals, Paris), graphologist and exorcist priest Fr. Christian Curty (Dioceses of Avignon and Marseille), scientist and neurologist Dr. Philippe Loron (Paris), world-renowned Mariologist theologian and consultant on supernatural phenomena Fr. René Laurentin (France), scientist and author Jacques Neirynck (Switzerland), author and theologian Fr. Edward D. O’Connor (Notre Dame University, USA), author and theologian Fr. P. Ferdinand Umaña Moñtoya (Colombia) and eminent author and theologian and Member of the Pontifical Marian Academy the late Fr. Michael O’Carroll (Ireland).

In unusual manifestations (mystical or pathological) three possibilities are open for discernment—a diabolical origin, a psychic origin or a supernatural origin Read more >>. The findings of these investigations of Vassula’s case—documented in books and articles—systematically rule out the first two possibilities and conclude that the messages are a phenomenon of supernatural origin.

Regarding the distinctive writing, Fr. Moñtoya states in his book Vassula – An Ecumenical Charism for our Times (Vassula – Un Charisme Oecumenique Pour Notre Temps):

It is what is called ‘hieratic’ or ‘sacred’ writing. It is not automatic writing. This particular element of the writing under dictation raises questions concerning the phenomenon of automatic writing, whose origin, as is very well known, may be subconscious or even evil. There is nothing of the sort with Vassula. She remains conscious, independent and free. […] Order, clarity, restraint and refinement are evidence of its origin. It has no rigidity, no hardness, none of the disorder, chaos or confusion indicative of automatic writing.

Other investigations of Vassula’s works include that of Fr. Laurentin, who has called Vassula “the most authentic mystic living in the world today.” He conducted an investigative study of Vassula’s case in accordance with the Criteria of Discernment as laid down by Rome. He carried out a number of interviews and meetings with her and made an analytical study of her messages. He examined all aspects of her case including the following: origin of her messages, doctrine, value and credibility of the witness, signs and miracles, analysis of principal themes of the True Life in God messages, spiritual insights and spiritual fruits. He documented his experience and findings in the two books he wrote about Vassula’s case: Qui Est Vassula? (Who is Vassula?) and When God Gives a Sign, and in numerous articles. Fr. Laurentin is particularly interested and concerned with the fruits and charisms that develop in cases which manifest spiritual phenomena. In his book When God Gives a Sign, he writes about Vassula: “I attach a great value to the conversions that the Lord has brought about through the faithful instrument that she has become.” He later remarks: “According to Christ, the principal criterion for discernment is the fruits. It so happens that it was precisely the fruits that first interested me in Vassula.” He concludes: “At each stage since my first contacts in 1989, the development of Vassula has simply provided new signs that favour her authenticity. I am even more sure today that this is a grace for her, for the Church and for unity.”

Fr. O’Carroll investigated Vassula’s case and closely followed the evolution of her mission. He documented his study of Vassula and her messages in two books he wrote about her case: Vassula of the Sacred Heart’s Passion and Bearer of the Light – Vassula, “Mediatrix of Divided Christians. In the latter, he mentions the impact of the True Life in God messages on those who read them, highlighting the fact that Vassula’s messages have “led to very many conversions,” along with the fact that a woman “with no theological instruction whatever, has profoundly impressed theologians of repute in different countries.” He notes: “The theological analysis of her writings brings into relief themes like: devotion to the Holy Spirit, the Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Christian unity, the conversion of Russia, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the spreading apostasy.” Fr. O’Carroll also referenced Vassula and her mission in a number of his other publications. In John Paul II – A Dictionary of His Life and Teachings, he states: “Vassula exemplifies God’s frequent choice of converts to convert the world.”

Fr. O’Connor states about Vassula: “For a lay person, with no theological training, without even any serious catechetical instruction, to write so many volumes about some of the profoundest spiritual matters, and never make a mis-step, is an extraordinary achievement. It is a powerful confirmation that it is indeed the Lord himself who is the source of these writings.” Read more >>

A scientific analysis undertaken by Dr. Loron investigated Vassula’s experience and the content of the messages she receives. As part of this study he was present to observe and to perform scientific tests, while Vassula was receiving and recording a message. He reports on his experience and documents the findings in his book J’ai vu écrire Vassula – analyse scientifique de la Vraie Vie en Dieu (I saw Vassula Write – a scientific analysis of True Life in God). He investigates the personality and background of Vassula, the emergence and evolution of her experience and explores and analyses the content and coherence of the messages she has taken down. He examines and analyses the two scripts found in the True Life in God books: Vassula’s own personal, ordinary handwriting and the distinctive writing in which the messages are written. Dr. Loron explores many elements including: cognitive function/ consciousness/ ecstasy/ logic/ creativity/ neuropsychological function/ role of left and right hemispheres of the brain/ image/ symbol/ analogy/ language/ meditation and prayer. He reports on an “extraordinary coherence throughout the writings of Vassula.” He also comments on the striking coherence of the psychological, historical, theological, biblical and mystical elements, which he critically examines in his analysis.

Handwriting Analysis

Fr. Laurentin submitted the messages of Vassula to Mr. J.A. Munier, a licenced graphologist and consultant for the Court of Appeals of Paris, France. The only information that Mr. Munier was given regarding his subject whom he did not know was her first name and her age of 47. According to Mr. Munier’s interpretation of her manuscripts, her handwriting displays an “extraordinary telluric force.” The writer is filled with a force that goes beyond her normal self with “invisible power.” He also states: “She is an intermediary, like a center of transmission and amplification.”

The analysis is reproduced below and includes analysis both of the large handwriting (of Jesus) and the small (Vassula’s normal writing).

The report was prefaced with the title: “Graphological interpretation, with no previous information (and without taking into consideration the text itself due to lack of knowledge of the English language).”

Interpretation of the large letters dictated by Jesus:

• Extraordinary telluric force.
• A controlled enthusiasm with a touch of delight, i.e. seems to be the source of some kind of well-being.
• She is filled with a force that goes beyond her normal self.
• She is filled with invisible forces to which she reacts with a kind of primitive simplicity, whereas there is also in other areas a refined element.
• She is convinced of this invisible power which she perceives with intensity.
• She is an intermediary, like a center of transmission and amplification.
• She has the faith of a mystic.
• She experiences a kind of tranquil enthusiasm, a kind of fullness.
• She is very redoubled, nourished by an invisible force that seems indestructible.
• The writing in any case appears a bit strange from an ordinary point of view.
• She is very hard-working, she is a docile pupil.
• She is in a kind of second state, indifferent to the exterior world.
• She can perceive invisible worlds quite well, like a medium.
• She has a very great concentrated force; she is profound in meditation.
• She does not belong to herself. There is a certain firmness.
• She has great self-control, probably in her demeanor as well.
• She is dignified.

Additional interpretation of the fragments of handwriting in smaller letters between the lines:

• She is a person who lives in her own world.
• She is not mentally ill.
• She is of at least above average intelligence.
• She follows her own logic.
• She is capable of some integration.
• She conducts herself with tenderness, kindness and docility.
• She has a goal and she is dedicated to it.
• She experiences an inspiration from a high level.
• Her life is inspired by an ideal.
• Nothing else really matters for her.

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