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Recommended Reading:

Vassula Rydén, Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell (Alexian: 2013) ISBN-10: 0983009309; ISBN-13: 978-0983009306

Niels Christian Hvidt, Christian Prophecy – the Post-Biblical Tradition (Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press, 2007) ISBN 978-0-19-531447-2

Jacques Neirynck, The Vassula Enigma (2003) ISBN 1-883225-30-2

Michael O’Carroll, CSSp., Vassula of the Sacred Heart’s Passion (1993) ISBN 0-9519973-3-5

Michael O’Carroll, CSSp., Bearer of the Light – Vassula, Mediatrix of Divided Christians (1994) ISBN 0-9519973-6-X

Michael O’Carroll, CSSp., John Paul II – A Dictionary of His Life and Teachings (1994) ISBN 0-9519973-8-6

Michael O’Carroll, CSSp., A Priest in Changing Times (1998) ISBN 1-85607-229-0

René Laurentin, When God Gives a Sign (Trinitas: 1993) ISBN 1-883225-14-0

René Laurentin, Qui Est Vassula? (Who is Vassula?) (1994) ISBN 2868393659

P. Ferdinand Umaña Moñtoya, Vassula – An Ecumenical Charism for our Times (Vassula – Un Charisme Oecumenique Pour Notre Temps) (1995) ISBN 2-88022-071-8

Philippe Loron, J’ai vu écrire Vassula – analyse scientifique de la Vraie Vie en Dieu (I saw Vassula Write – a scientific analysis of True Life in God) (1994) ISBN 286839-347-0

Touched by the Spirit of God I – Insights into True Life in God (Trinitas: 1998) ISBN 1-883225-21-3

Vassula Comes to the Monastery (Compiled, Edited and Printed by: Christ the Saviour Monastic Trust, Crawley Down, England, 2005) ISBN 0-948108-13-4

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