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True Life in God Messages

St Peter & St PaulThe True Life in God messages are a compilation of over 2,000 messages. There are currently over 107 Notebooks compiled in a series of 12 volumes. The main themes of the True Life in God messages are unity of the Christian Churches, a call for conversion and the world to return to God in these End of Times, and that Jesus is Returning. These End of Times are not the end of the world, they are the end of an epoch, the end of an era—after which a new era will dawn.

The content of the True Life in God messages and Vassula’s testimony inspire, elevate and provide encouragement. The parallels of the messages and those of the New Testament accounts are similar in the way Jesus loves us and how He expresses His spousal intimacy with us on a level which our ability to understand cannot yet fully fathom. The tone expressed in the spousal terms is characteristic of mysticism, but manifested as an outpouring of the ineffable love of Christ.

Unity of the Christian Churches

People who have studied Vassula’s case believe that through her messages God seeks to consolidate His Church, especially by bringing it into unity, which is the main theme of her books. Therefore, in addition to delivering the Message, Vassula also believes she has been called by God to promote Christian unity. Jesus says: “Orthodox! Catholics! Protestants! You all belong to Me! You are all One in My Eyes!...” (TLIG Message, October 27, 1987) Jesus promises that if the Eastern and Western Christian Churches unite the date of Easter, He will do the rest to unite the Church and bring about a period of peace in the world.

Call to Return to God

Prodigal SonThese divine messages are also an urgent call to repentance, reconciliation and love, and for each person to return to God and have a personal and intimate relationship with Him.

The Father tells Vassula, “It is a call for those who laid aside My Word, to bring them back and read My Word; it is to tell them that My Word is Alive, Holy and Blessed; it’s a call to wake them up; it is a call of love and peace; it is a call to remind them how their foundations began and that I, God, am their Creator; I want to remind them that they are not fatherless and that I love them all.” (TLIG Message, November 18, 1986)

Why would God call someone so limited, so disinterested and ignorant in church matters, who never aspired for God, to receive a reminder of His Word? When Vassula asked God these questions, He replied: “I chose you, because of your wretchedness. Through your wretchedness I shall show My mercy, through your nothingness I shall show My authority and My power and that I Am, so remain a nothing…”

May 23, 1987 | January 30, 1987 | February 12, 1987 | May 18, 1987 | March 30, 1987

End of Times – Dawn of a New Era

Jesus says: “It had been said that at the end of times, Our Two Hearts would raise apostles, and they would be called: apostles of the end of times; these would be instructed by the Queen of Heaven and by Myself, to go forward in every nation, to proclaim without fear the Word of God.” (TLIG Message, April 3, 1996)

God is giving us this last warning for these End of Times, which is not the end of the world but the end of this present era, after which a new era will dawn.

Jesus tells us: “Many of you have seen many signs, these signs are to be observed, they are the signs of the end of Times, they are not the signs of the end of the world, they are the signs of the end of an era.” (TLIG Message, January 31, 1990)

There are numerous hopeful, encouraging messages that foretell of a new era to come—referred to in some messages as: “the New Heavens and the New Earth that has been promised you long ago.” (TLIG Message, January 31, 1990)

Jesus is Returning

Out of His Infinite Love and Mercy, Jesus is preparing the world, through a deep conversion, for His Great Return, which He tells us in the True Life in God messages is imminent. When Vassula asked Jesus: “Whose soon—your soon or our soon?”  Jesus replied, “YOUR SOON.” (TLIG Message, January 12, 1995)

Jesus says: “I have decided to hurry up with My Return; I will not wait too long to return to you; even though many are refusing to believe this, they will believe when it happens but then their heart would be unprepared to receive Me; My Return is imminent.” (TLIG Message, March 31, 1995)

Our Blessed Mother tells us: “God comes to you all, even to the most wretched; return to God and He will return to you; come and make your home in His Heart as He makes His in yours; let it be known that without earnest prayers you will not be able to see the Kingdom of God; His reign on earth is at hand; remember, what God wants of you is a change of heart.” (TLIG Message, April 23, 1993)

Future Generations

Several messages received by Vassula refer to the impact of the True Life in God Message and foretell that it is intended not only for the benefit of this generation, but also for future generations. Jesus tells us:

“Vassula, together with Me you will work in silence to enlighten dark valleys; everything that the Holy Spirit will give you to write will be for this and other generations’ instruction.” (TLIG Message, August 7, 2002)
“Let it be then that through your mouth My Words resound now and for generations to come.” (TLIG Message, January 7, 2002)

“Then I shall send you out like mist, to display like one displays a banner: My Knowledge you received from Wisdom Herself, to teach others to grow upright in purpose and learning, so that generation after generation My Holy Name may be kept Holy; your descendants would have a rich inheritance born of you, and thanks to My Infinite Mercy, so will your children’s children; and in the future, the nations will know the meaning of the Fear of the Lord.” (TLIG Message, September 28, 1990)

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