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The Mission

Jesus said to Vassula: “By sending you out of your house to rebuild My Own, you shall live in My Light! by giving the choice to mind My House before your own house, you are blessed and I Myself will be the Guardian of your house; therefore, do not fear, My child, I bless you for giving Me your heart; go now among mankind and give them all that I have given you, give them these Messages, they are My personal love letter to each one of them.” (TLIG Message, April 12, 1993)

Vassula has been invited to several countries to give her “testimony” and to pass on the Message she has received. Jesus told Vassula: “I am the Author of My Message and I will see that it spreads quickly.” Since 1988, she has given over 1,000 presentations on the TLIG messages in more than 76 countries and the Mission continues. She is welcomed by both Christians and non-Christians from all walks of life, by the laity and their spiritual leaders: priests, ministers, monks, nuns, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, apostolic nuncios, metropolitans and archimandrites. So far, the True Life in God messages have been translated by into more than 42 languages by volunteers.

In all of this work, Vassula receives no personal royalties, fees or benefit for her efforts.

Fruits of the Mission


People from around the world who have been deeply touched by the True Life in God messages have provided written testimonies of their conversion experiences. Some of the most powerful testimonies speak of when Christ annihilates Vassula and appears entirely in her place, as witnessed by many, in different nations. Jesus tells Vassula: “My Holy Countenance will shine on you as a blessing, confirming that I Am is the true and only Author of: ‘True Life in God’ and that you are My gift to mankind, this is the manner by which I will seal My Message....” (TLIG Message, December 7, 1993)

The calling does not apply only to Christians, but has drawn non-Christians as well to become Christians. After reading the inspired writings of True Life in God, several Jews, Moslems, Buddhists and Hindus, who do not believe in a God who is Three Persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and Jesus as Son of God, have accepted Christian Baptism, in which the priest says when they are being baptized, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” It is the power of the Holy Spirit in the True Life in God messages that brings about this conversion of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus to a Trinitarian God.

True Life in God Prayer Groups

Ecumenical prayer groups have been formed around the world to pray for unity. In France, there are about 48 ecumenical prayer groups inspired by the spirituality of True Life in God and in Brazil, there are more than 300. Regardless of whether the Christians are Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican or Baptist, they all begin their prayer meetings by praying the Rosary together.

Beth Myriams

Inspired by a vision of Our Lady, Vassula initiated the first Beth Myriam (which translates into Mary’s House) project to feed the poor in 1998 in the Holy Land. Volunteers from local True Life In God Prayer Groups run over 25 Beth Myriam charity houses worldwide, which provide free meals to those in need in the local community. On March 27, 2002, Vassula recorded a specific message regarding the continued establishment of the Beth Myriams. Some Beth Myriams have evolved to also provide clothing and basic education.


Every two years, Vassula and many volunteers organize an ecumenical pilgrimage, which brings together cardinals, archbishops, bishops, clergy and lay people of all faiths. For about 10 days the pilgrims live together the Unity for which God asks in the True Life in God messages. It is also an opportunity for readers of the TLIG messages from around the world to meet one another.

On the first pilgrimage in 1997, there were about 80 people from differing Church denominations representing some of the countries where Vassula had spoken. Since then the pilgrimages have grown in number. In 2011, nearly 800 people from 60 different countries and 15 Christian denominations came to the pilgrimage in Rome, including 95 clergy, many of whom were archbishops and bishops.

Vassula’s mission has extended to not only Christian Unity but also to interfaith dialogue. There has been an interfaith presence from Bangladesh at the Pilgrimages. The Venerable Mahatero Suddhananda as well as a Muslim Imam and two Hindu’s have been faithfully participating in the Pilgrimages, promoting peace and harmony in their speeches.

Complete list of the TLIG Pilgrimages


In 1994, Vassula was invited by the late Fr. Ion Bria, of the Romanian Orthodox Church working for the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Geneva, and by Metropolitan Daniel of Moldavia and Bukovina, to assist at the Congress organized by the World Council of Churches on Christian Spirituality, held in Iasi.

On August 4, 1999, when Vassula was invited by a group of Hiroshima Buddhist Monks, who had read True Life in God, to speak in their temple on the memorial day of the atomic bomb in Japan, the message she presented was completely Christian. The Catholic Bishop also attended. Vassula offered them an enormous rosary to hang on their wall for their meditation and a statue of our Lady of Fatima, which they placed in their yard.

In April 2000, she was invited to speak in Benin, Africa where many Christians, Muslims (including an Imam) and several Voodoo chiefs were also present. In 2001, Vassula was invited, along with other speakers, to an official symposium on ecumenism by the International Bridgettine Centre of Farfa to speak on Ecumenism and Spirituality. Her presentation was titled: “God’s Calling to His People.” In 2002, Vassula was invited to an inter-religious meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh where the host was a Muslim Imam.

In 2009, she was invited to speak, along with three other speakers, at the Christian Unity conference “United in Christ” in Namur, Belgium. The conference took place in the Namur diocese of Bishop Andre-Mutien Leonard, who attended the conference and led the celebration of the concluding Eucharistic Liturgy. (Slide show)

United Nations

In 1998 and in 2001, the United Nations in New York, a section based on Peace in the World, asked Vassula to address them and transmit the messages she receives regarding how to obtain peace in the world.

Peace Gold Award

In February 2011, Vassula returned to Dhaka, Bangladesh where the messages of True Life in God began. This was the third time that she was the recipient of the Atisha Dipankar & Visuddhananda Peace Gold Award. At a ceremony held at the Dharmarajika Monastery in Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 23, she was announced as Vassula Rydén, “Divine Messenger” from Greece. She was honored for inter-religious harmony and peace, where Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina placed the medal around her neck and awarded her a large plaque.

She was recognized again on the same date in 2009, for her work in propagating inter-faith harmony and peaceful co-existence, and was one of four recipients of different faiths. The following day, she was also invited by Hindus to their temple, the Sree Sree Dhakeswari National Temple, to address university students.

Vassula was also honored as the recipient for her efforts to promote peace in the world, on the same date in 2003. She was personally invited by the Venerable Suddhananda Mahathero, President of the Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha. The function was inaugurated by Rev. Michael Rozario, Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Dhaka. Among other guests was the Secretary of the Apostolic Nuncio in Dhaka, as well as Muslim professors from various regions of Bangladesh. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus were present.

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